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Some Tracks I Had Around...


released March 28, 2011




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l MARS l London, Ontario

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Track Name: Roots

I ain't been home in a minute, ask why,
Seems that things change, people fade, pass by,
Its never where it was, no clue, ask sky,
Or that woman looking at that oak tree sash tied,
Thinkin' bout, what you been like,
Watchu woulda dream like,
And how all these thoughts would be heaps better in real life,
Missing how you smell, or knowing what you feel like,
Damn, its not hard to picture what I mean, right?

What I mean right?

We need a base, a support we need a root,
We need to nourish if we want to bear the fruit,
We need to let it flourish, follow its own route,
And if it change, well then we need follow suit.
And when it rains, well then we need to send salute,
We let the people in the sky know we give credit when it’s due.
I plowed the fields, prayed upon the skies blue,
Said you need to bring the clouds cause they long overdue.
The storm brewed and I knew that it was true,
Heaven shadow devils, but let the light shine through.
Grew the making of new, searching for a truth,
Critics weigh in, they follow heavy in pursuit,
But I’m ahead of my time, far out of view,
Tryin’ to catch me in the act, as if there was a cue.
I think we all forgetting what it is we came to do,
Start rappin' bout our hoes, and how many we can screw,
Graspin’, when others fail to take root,
The roots of the past, lay the grounds for future.
Track Name: Walks Of Life
Walks Of Life

Sometimes it seems like my family’s,
Two worlds apart, lads start, act innocent,
Days, turn years, turn versed doods ignorant,
Paths different, seen rough, and mines privileged,
Steady tryna thrive in the concrete wilderness,
Of life man, where every day, folks kind of likened,
To the backstabbing, crack bagging soldiers they fighting,
On the daily, just so they can ride in their Mercedes,
With some pretty lady shotguning down the road to Hades.
Glass to the brim with Bailey’s, tryna forget life,
Speed towards max 88, tryna regret twice,
Wish he had a little more time, maybe accept Christ,
But what’s done is done… and he was blessed right?
Back when he was young, shit was never so complex,
Saw his aunts and uncles once a week, at the longest,
Now they only meet, when somebody met their darkness,
Times change I guess, and their ties aren’t at their strongest,
It’s his generation, cause they’re lookin’ real heartless,
Wanna say he love seeing fam, but where’s the progress?
Could’ve called for years but nah, they don’t speak,
And he’s thinkin’ to himself, one more week? Man, that’s harmless,
See life is unpredictable; it takes some time to know that,
People drift apart, then spend lives wishin’ they could go back,
Don’t wanna see these family reunions be a throwback,
To better days, when Cognac couldn’t replace Kodaks,
Uh, temptations ever growin’, ever present,
Wonder if my kids’ll hear this, will they even get the message?
I dunno, cause it’s hard takin’ advice from one in essence,
Just as young as them, tryna describe, his perspective, like:
*My Life, My Life, In The Sunshine.
Track Name: S E D O (Ft. BOND)
S E D O (Ft. BOND)

Puff puff ‘til I’m outta here, probably,
Catch me in the stratosphere,
Swear it’s all been done before, but never been this cavalier,
Magic mirror tell me I’m the one,
This the calm before the storm,
Just the calm before the storm…
Unknown, wait a year you’ll have heard of me,
Now you wanting inn cause you heard I had courtesy?
I’ll just shoot you down like bad curren$y,
If you wasn’t with me from the start,
Go ‘head, take it personally,
Personally I hope that all you coattail riders,
End up at the Wal-Mart selling wholesale flyers, damn,
Live whole lives, some people still no wiser man,
Devise a plan; life’s all about location,
Still niggas stand still like ovations,
Fuck towns, want whole nations,
Spit soul food for thought, through bold statements,
And dumb broads get no patience, uh,
Most of y’all don’t get the message, less it’s written or it’s texted,
Spit that verbal sign language, awful introspective,
Do it how these doods never thought or had expected,
Seems I’m taking L’s as if I had had a Lexus,
Rested, yeah you better be,
Sleeping on me heavily,
Heard these other youngins in the running, got me sound asleep.
Go ahead and just do that how you do that,
But just know me and my team we been through that, we been through that.
Getting known off a poem,
Got me blown off these dope lines,
Brains getting blown through the speakers, need a cosign,
Go LO to highlife in something like no time,
And this been my sound since something like ’09, imagine…

[Chorus] x2
Chillin’ with my feet up, Ridin’ out with no care,
Swingin in the breeze uh, yeah you know I'm so there,
Kentucky like the chicken, fun lovin' on the beach,
‘Til I wake up in my room, knowin’ I was asleep.