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I ain't been home in a minute, ask why,
Seems that things change, people fade, pass by,
Its never where it was, no clue, ask sky,
Or that woman looking at that oak tree sash tied,
Thinkin' bout, what you been like,
Watchu woulda dream like,
And how all these thoughts would be heaps better in real life,
Missing how you smell, or knowing what you feel like,
Damn, its not hard to picture what I mean, right?

What I mean right?

We need a base, a support we need a root,
We need to nourish if we want to bear the fruit,
We need to let it flourish, follow its own route,
And if it change, well then we need follow suit.
And when it rains, well then we need to send salute,
We let the people in the sky know we give credit when it’s due.
I plowed the fields, prayed upon the skies blue,
Said you need to bring the clouds cause they long overdue.
The storm brewed and I knew that it was true,
Heaven shadow devils, but let the light shine through.
Grew the making of new, searching for a truth,
Critics weigh in, they follow heavy in pursuit,
But I’m ahead of my time, far out of view,
Tryin’ to catch me in the act, as if there was a cue.
I think we all forgetting what it is we came to do,
Start rappin' bout our hoes, and how many we can screw,
Graspin’, when others fail to take root,
The roots of the past, lay the grounds for future.


from Cold As Hell, released March 28, 2011



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l MARS l London, Ontario

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