Walks Of Life

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There Are Many Walks Of Life.


Walks Of Life

Sometimes it seems like my family’s,
Two worlds apart, lads start, act innocent,
Days, turn years, turn versed doods ignorant,
Paths different, seen rough, and mines privileged,
Steady tryna thrive in the concrete wilderness,
Of life man, where every day, folks kind of likened,
To the backstabbing, crack bagging soldiers they fighting,
On the daily, just so they can ride in their Mercedes,
With some pretty lady shotguning down the road to Hades.
Glass to the brim with Bailey’s, tryna forget life,
Speed towards max 88, tryna regret twice,
Wish he had a little more time, maybe accept Christ,
But what’s done is done… and he was blessed right?
Back when he was young, shit was never so complex,
Saw his aunts and uncles once a week, at the longest,
Now they only meet, when somebody met their darkness,
Times change I guess, and their ties aren’t at their strongest,
It’s his generation, cause they’re lookin’ real heartless,
Wanna say he love seeing fam, but where’s the progress?
Could’ve called for years but nah, they don’t speak,
And he’s thinkin’ to himself, one more week? Man, that’s harmless,
See life is unpredictable; it takes some time to know that,
People drift apart, then spend lives wishin’ they could go back,
Don’t wanna see these family reunions be a throwback,
To better days, when Cognac couldn’t replace Kodaks,
Uh, temptations ever growin’, ever present,
Wonder if my kids’ll hear this, will they even get the message?
I dunno, cause it’s hard takin’ advice from one in essence,
Just as young as them, tryna describe, his perspective, like:
*My Life, My Life, In The Sunshine.


from Cold As Hell, released March 28, 2011



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